Welcome, welcome welcome! You’ve found the newly revamped website for the Earth Pathways Diary. Over the summer of 2014 we organized a team of website goblins and pixies to work their pointy little ears off uploading files and downloading images. They have created the beginning of an all singing and dancing website filled with the glorious artwork and writing that we’ve come to associate with the Earth Pathways Diary.

Just like life in general, things are moving, changing, growing and shaping up on a daily basis and we have big ideas and dreams for this website. We are aiming to be your destination of choice for all things beautiful and useful; whether you want practical resources about all aspects of connecting to the Earth, to post a question or comment in our community forum or just be motivated and inspired by the gorgeous artwork and writing available throughout the site, we hope you will consider the Earth Pathways website to be a place of information, friendship and loveliness.2015 cover

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Meanwhile, maybe treat yourself to a diary or two??!!!!! They make wonderful presents, you know! Go and look at some sample pages if you’re not sure…..