Welcome to the website for the Earth Pathways Diary! This is a newly constructed site and like any ‘new build’ there are still a few rough edges and unfinished corners, however, the main structure is sturdy enough to welcome friends and visitors so we encourage you to grab a cuppa, put your feet up and browse through some of the finished, shiny places!

Earth Pathways Diary Christmas Delivery Details

The 2015 Earth Pathways Diary is selling out quickly! We are doing more postings now that the festive season is getting nearer and aim to dispatch every order we receive before the 18th of December (the Post Office’s suggested last posting date for Christmas delivery). We will keep posting after the 18th, of course, and will continue to take orders for diaries into the New Year if we have sufficient stock remaining. Details about our delivery policy can be found on our delivery page. If you have any special requests for delivery don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate (though my ample girth restricts me from personally delivering any diaries via chimneys this year………..how *does* Santa do it????)

We are hugely grateful to everyone who chooses to buy through us rather than their local book shop. As much as we encourage you to buy, buy, buy from your local, independent book shops, we are able to keep the diary sustainable when you choose to purchase directly from us – thank you! Right, back to the posting and packing, … “Rudolph? Got room for a few more???”………..