A message to our International Customers

If you are ordering our products from outside the UK, please be aware that Royal Mail international shipping costs have increased significantly since last year. Sadly we have no control over this. Our attempts to find a cheaper alternative to ship to popular destinations such as Europe and the USA have drawn a blank as the majority of couriers charge even more than the current Royal Mail prices. 

If you are wishing to order from outside the UK please get in touch with us first hand and we can invoice you the cost of your order excluding VAT which will give you a small saving and may help towards the postage costs.

For EU customers a new situation also came into force from 1 July 2021 as a result of Brexit. It means that the buyer’s own local government may charge local VAT on the product so it's important that you don't pay it at our end too!

To place an order from outside the UK:

  1. Email us    admin@earthpathwaysdiary.co.uk  
  2. State what you want to order and the quantity
  3. Add your full name 
  4. Add the full address you wish the order to be shipped to. 

We’ll raise an invoice for you to pay by PayPal and once that is received your order will be shipped to you. Hope that helps.