2019 submission closing date just a month away!

Can it be true? Just a month left?

We know it seems almost unbelievable that a whole year has passed since the last submission deadline but we checked, and double checked, and triple checked (we have these lovely diaries, you see, that make checking the date really quite joyous hence our eagerness to investigate…) and it would seem true that there are only three weeks left before your 2019 diary and calendar submissions need to be with us. Tuesday the 31st of October it is! Gulp!

OK, I want to submit. What do I do?

It’s really easy; here’s a whistle stop tour of the process…
All you need do is select up to five pieces of your original artwork, prose, photographs or poetry which will best fit the ‘feel’ of the diary – remember we want to inspire people’s connection to the Earth!
You will need those pieces as digital files to send them to us; we would prefer them emailed but CDs or memory sticks are good too.
Then print out, complete & sign our submission form with your details, and the names of the pieces you’re submitting. The form can be found online here but if you can’t access it, just contact us and we’ll send it as a Word document – no problem!!
Finally, send the printed submission form and paper copies of your pieces to the address on the sub form (along with a CD or data stick if you’re not emailing your files).
Ooh, we need your 40 word profile too, for the back of the diary should your work be lucky enough to be chosen. We’d like that electronically as well!
There are much fuller, clearer instructions on our website page, plus guidelines for submissions which we encourage everyone to read first please!!

Easy enough! What happens next?

Once we have safely received and processed your submission you should get an email from us confirming that it is now ‘in the 2019 choosing pot’. During December, the Earth Pathways team will meet up for the important task of chocolate eating and general merriment choosing the 2019 diary and calendar ‘long-list’ (a process that we call our ‘weaving circle’!), and then early in 2018 the production begins in earnest.
We aim to place writing and images into the Wheel of the Year cycle so it is during production that your work may move from the ‘long’ to the ‘short’ list; edits are being made all of the time until we get it just right, which is why we can’t tell you whether your work has been successful or not until very close to the dates that the diary and calendar go to print. There are always pieces that we would have LOVED to have used, but that we didn’t have room for, and we often ask if we can keep your work ‘on file’ to use in another year… or perhaps even another product!!
Finally, around about late spring of 2018, we will send you an email to let you know whether your work has indeed been successful this time. If at any point in the process you want to get in touch, by all means contact us and we can tell you how it is all progressing. Please don’t ever worry about getting in touch, it is NEVER a problem!!

Hmm, so what’s my motivation here?

Good question! Well, although Earth Pathways is not able to provide financial remuneration, all successful contributors receive a free diary/calendar for each piece of work we have used, and can buy the products in which their work is featured at a discounted price for as long as stocks last.
Contributors are also offered a 40-word profile to advertise themselves and their contact details; this appears in our A-Z of contributors at the back of the diary/calendar and also on our new showcase website.
We encourage successful contributors to put more pieces of work, plus contact details, links to online shops and so on, on our website gallery; we offer guest blog spots featuring contributors and we are happy to provide reciprocal links to your websites or other media.
Plus, of course, the profits we generate from the sales of dairies and calendars are ploughed into our hugely successful Seed Fund which funds projects that are working to benefit this beautiful Earth!
So all in all, it’s fabulous advertising for your work and you get the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing YOU are contributing to brightening someone’s week and helping the Earth at the same time!

OK, I’m convinced! But I need a little help…

No problem at all – let us help you! We understand that submitting might feel a bit daunting so very simply, ask us. Just contact us for help. No question is silly, no question hasn’t been asked before and sometimes it is purely MY fault that something isn’t working or isn’t clear, so let me know!!! 

And spread the word!

Even if you’re not a budding artist or writer, you may well know a friend, colleague, neighbour or family member who might like to offer a brush stroke or two for consideration. Please do feel free to send this blog post to anybody whose work you might like to see in the dairy; with a wide and diverse range of submissions, we can create varied and all-encompassing earth-focused products that appeal to many different people and inspire them to connect to, and act for the benefit of, our beautiful planet.

Go for it, what have you got to lose?

…hovering over my computer in anticipation of your submissions….
with an awful lot of big love from Debs and the rest of the Earth Pathways team

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