pg52During the eight years that the Earth Pathways Diary has been produced we have provided a lot of astrological information; unsurprising given that part of our original remit was to include a goodly amount of information about the moon and her path through the astrological signs. We have our own ‘in-house’ astrologer, Lucille Valentine, who provides the detailed daily moon transits and other relevant astrological information. Each year we also invite an astrologer to write the relevant sections of the diary which explain how the moon phases and signs might effect our experience of that time or those days. We have listed all of these astrologers and their contact details below. Over the eight years of the diary’s life, we have built up a veritable amount of hugely detailed and valuable information about the moon and we are aiming to reproduce it all here on our astrology pages.

Moon Through the Astrological Signs

Phases of the Moon

Retrograde Planets

Astrology FAQs

2016 diary astrologer Laura Boomer-Trent

Laura is an astrologer with over 30 years of experience. Viewing life through a Buddhist lens, Laura aspires to serve and walk life’s sacred dharma path learning and teaching positive & life-affirming meaning and wisdom, so that all beings may be happy.

2015 diary astrologer Aline MacInnes

An astrologer for 28 years, also a Counsellor and Wellbeing Consultant living close to the Land and Elements, loving life, being guided and guiding others by observing the Dance of the Sun, Moon and stars in rural Lincolnshire’s open skies.

2014 diary astrologer Mark Graham

Mark is a Druid, astrologer and ecologist. He manages nature reserves, woodlands and wildlife sites and is a director of the Nature Reserve Burial company. The company runs Sunrising Natural Burial Ground in Warwickshire.

2013 diary astrologer Chris Ellis

Chris is a writer and performer of songs and instrumental music on piano and guitar, drawing on story-songs and improvisation; he has a parallel interest in astrology as a means of understanding and aligning to cycles of growth.

2012 diary astrologer  Ros Briagha Foskett

Ros is a Green Witch, Grannie, Astrologer, and Geomancer, studying and using astrology since 1974. She also makes stone circles, and sacred space and conducts public and private ceremonies.

2011 diary astrologer Linda Day

Linda is a Mother, Grandmother, Astrologer and Manageress of a busy health practice. She gives professional chart readings and runs an astrology group in Hereford. She writes the Moonthly Forecast on the New Moon every month for

2010 diary astrologer Tam Peirson

Tam offers retreats/workshops for personal and spiritual renewal through Art, Writing, Astrology and Healing. Private Sessions, Readings and Massage Treatments.

2009 diary astrologer Lucille Valentine

A founding member of the Earth Pathways Diary, Lucille is an astrologer and writer. A professional astrologer since 2003, diploma from Rod Suskin’s school of astrology, Lucille offers readings in Newcastle upon Tyne and on the phone.