How to Use the Diary

The Moon circles the Earth every 29 days taking 2 and a half days to move through each sign. Observing the qualities of each sign can guide us in our daily lives. We have indicated daily, in the diary, which sign the moon is in and below is a brief guide to the energies and aspects you may encounter during these times. There is also a guide at the front of each diary, detailing these energies and aspects.

Void Of Course Moon

Grandmother Moon is said to be Void of Course from the last significant lunar aspect in each sign until the Moon enters a new sign, every two and a half days, and is once again aspected by another Planet. This can last for a few minutes or up to hours.

It’s a good time to go with the flow as much as you can and not push the river. Take time to ground and centre yourself, not a good time to begin any new ventures. Like the Dark Moon it’s good for meditating, journeying and visioning.

Moon through the signs

Moon in Aries - governs the head. A yang Fire sign that brings inspiration, desire and the energy to get things done. Ruled by Mars can be impulsive and impatient but encourages us to take risks and be pioneering.

Moon in Taurus – governs throat and neck. A yin Earth sign ruled by Venus, encourages us to ground and take time to cultivate our gardens, relationships, home, plants and body and kindles maternal instincts.

Moon in Gemini – governs lungs and chest. A yang Air sign ruled by Mercury  lightening the mood, reminding us of the sacredness of communication and community. We may feel restless and scattered at this time. Important to breathe and focus.

Moon in Cancer – governs stomach and breasts. A yin Water sign, ruled by Grandmother Moon, emotional and oceanic. Nurture yourself and family and make your home sacred. If you feel overwhelmed become objective, look at the bigger picture.

Moon in Leo – governs the heart. A yang Fire sign ruled by the Sun, abundant and playful calling on us to express ourselves. A good time to celebrate with the Pride, be aware of melodrama and stay in Truth.

Moon in Virgo – governs the abdomen and intestines. A yin Earth sign ruled by Mercury helping us digest new information and experiences. Also helps with discriminating what is and isn’t working in our lives and lets us weed out with compassion and forgiveness.

Moon in Libra – governs the kidneys and lumbar region. A yang Air sign ruled by Venus when we seek harmony, light encounters and keeping everybody happy. A peaceful time, good for weighing things up but not necessarily for making decisions.

Moon in Scorpio – governs the sex organs. A yin Water sign ruled by Pluto, intense and powerful, encouraging us to dive deeper into our own psyches and take a look at our shadow self with more willingness to look at our fears and what lies behind them. Sexual desire may be stronger than usual.

Moon in Sagittarius – governs the hips and thighs. A yang Fire sign ruled by Jupiter that brings us out of the depths and encourages us to strive for more, to shoot our arrows high, to seek justice. Full of optimism and potential we plan anew. Only take on what you can handle once the expansive Jupiter energy moves on.

Moon in Capricorn – governs the knees and bones. A yin Earth sign ruled by Saturn that encourages us to seek order, strength and wisdom. The architect of the Zodiac helping us to build strong foundations and sow seeds for the future. Good for group work. Practice self-acceptance and flexibility.

Moon in Aquarius – governs the ankles. A masculine Air sign, ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Let your uniqueness and individuality encourage you to think outside the box but also see that in the bigger picture there are no boxes. Helps us see where we fit into the community and what we can do for the greater whole.

Moon in Pisces – governs the feet. A yin Water sign, ruled by Neptune. A  nebulous longing to merge with the void, the cosmic womb and go home. Be aware of escapist desires and find a positive outlet such as meditating, visioning, spiritual work and being creative.

c. Aline MacInnes  2013