Glennie Kindred

Being part of the Earth Pathways diary team and watching it grow in strength and vision over the years has been a great joy in my life. Every year I celebrate all the wonderful people who send us their contributions for the diary, because it is your contributions that make this diary happen and make it as inspirational and beautiful as it is! I have seen this beautiful diary become a part of so many people’s lives and I feel so heartened that there are so many people out there with a shared vision. The diary brings us all a daily sense of being part of a growing number of people who care about the Earth and the sustainable future we aspire to. It brings us hope for the future.

I am overall editor of the diary itself and from my house up in the Derbyshire hills I put together the diary pages and match up the chosen artwork with the writing contributions. I work with my daughter Coral Rose Kindred Boothby who designs the pages and via skype and email, together we weave the content to flow through the seasons of the year. I am also part of the Management Group that sees to the general business and running of the diary.


When not working for the diary, I write books and articles related to the Earth’s cycles, native plants and trees, alchemy, herbs, and hedgerow foraging. I am passionate about our native plants and using them for medicine, guerrilla gardening (to bring the native plants back into our countryside), walking the land and being part of the Transition Towns movement. I especially hope that all my small and co-creative acts of community, anarchy and Love will help to bring the changes that the Earth needs.

Glennie Kindred


Debs Milverton

I'm Debs and I do all manner of clever jiggery pokery for the diary. I am usually the first person you'll come into contact with if you contact us via the website and I also have fingers dipped into the pies of 'submissions', 'the blog', 'accounts' and 'helping to run the whole diary shizzle'. I live in the glorious Stroud countryside with my two young children and partner Gray.

As well as helping to create this beautiful diary, I dabble in a bit of tarot reading and when I escape from the kids I can be found tramping around the countryside with my two dogs, talking to the plants and rescuing the wildlife. My soul's purpose (this time around) is to use my skills and talents to help people reconnect to a wise, all knowing, fully abundant version of themselves.

Debs Milverton @ Heart and Craft

Jaine Rose

I have been honoured to be part of the Earth Pathways Dairy's creation, its been a wonderful journey working with the team and weaving so much creativity into a thing of beauty over these years. I've loved the yearly job of doing the artwork for the actual diary pages, tiny lines, moons and words, a quiet winter job that I always enjoy. I now stand at the edges of the diary, watching and cheering you all on, as I carry on with my own artwork, and the mapping of my life's B roads, curious and exciting things unfold ahead of me…..

Jaine Rose - Artist

Postie B

Brian 'Postie B' Boothby

'Postie B' is the one who makes sure your diary orders get sent to your address, but he is also a musician, poet and therapist, sharing his time among these occupations, as well as getting out in nature with camera and notebook, recording both observations and inspirations. The former enhance his knowledge of the seasons’ patterns and the belonging in the landscape, the latter re-emerge as poems, songs, music and photos, some of which even make their way into the diary. The therapy eases the knots and immobilities of others’ bodies as well as sometimes relieving the aching of handling kilos of beautiful diaries!

Brian Boothby

Sue Bolshaw

Teacher and fan of all things upcycled and vintage. I am passionate about family, friendship, music and nature. I adore the Derbyshire countryside where I live, the Cornish coastline and the Whitby seaside and the vibrant cultural life of my home town Birmingham and one-time home Paris. I love to knit and sew and bake and sit in the garden with my cats and my trees. I have a talented teenage musician daughter and so find myself regularly fulfilling the role of roadie and groupie.

Reminiscence Vintage


Lucille Valentine

The astrologer for the diary since its inception in 2009, Lucille can be contacted through the Earth Pathways Diary or via her website at Fearless Energy