Awards 2016

The Seed Fund Awards for 2016 went to a diverse range of projects!

Rachael Hertogs, The Daughters of the Earth Lodge, which was to set up a teaching lodge for women and girls . The Seed Fund money helped to secure the site of the lodge and you can find out more about the wonderful work that has been done here … 

‘The Hedge’ magazine received funding to help them set up a website and their lovely publication was sent out by our postie Brian to appropriate hand-picked traders who sell our diary and calendar and who we felt may be interested in also selling the magazine . You can find out more about, and follow the progress of this delightful publication, and buy your very own copy at

‘We the Uncivilised’ is a wonderful project very close to our hearts. We awarded some funding to help with the costs for touring the film ‘A Life Story’ in the summer and even organised a mini day festival at which lovely music was played by some of our local , Derbyshire musician friends and the film was shown to the delight of the audience who were both inspired and moved. To find out more please visit

Edwina Hodkinson and the Herbal Caravan are the fourth project who were awarded funding. Edwina is a member of a crew of dedicated herbalists bringing plant medicine, support and healing as well as medicine-making and knowledge-sharing workshops to anti-fracking camps, originally at Barton Moss community protection camp and then at a number of other camps in the north including Hull, Chester, Borras (Wrexholme), Davyholme and Woolston, from their caravan dispensary.