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The 2019 ‘Early Bird’ Diaries & Calendars

Every year we offer a proportion of the diaries and calendars at a reduced price to help those with not quite so many pennies to be able to purchase from us for a little cheaper and with free postage and packing. This Early Bird scheme runs throughout April and secures you a diary, calendar, or both, which then gets posted directly to you once we have received them from our printers; as ever, we anticipate this to be early in July 2018. Both the 2019 Early Bird diary and calendar  prices remain the same this year as last; £12 and £8 respectively. Please note that we use PayPal for our transactions and your account will be debited at the point of purchase even though the product won’t be sent until later on in the year. If you are unable/unwilling to purchase via PayPal please email us in the first instance and we will let you know alternative payment methods. We are unable to take payment for goods over the telephone as we do not currently have telephone banking facilities.

As usual, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any queries, feedback or general banter. We’ll reply as soon as is humanly possible!


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Once again we would like to thank everyone who takes the time to buy directly from us as it is these purchases particularly that help to keep our products, and work towards funding projects that benefit the Earth, sustainable. For details about how to pay, or donate, please see our webpage ‘How to pay for your products’.  Thank you – You folk ROCK!!!