Group Rates

We have many groups asking to 'bulk buy' the diary and calendar for discounted rates and so have created a scheme whereby groups can benefit from ordering in medium to large numbers and save almost £5 on the individual product's website price (including p&p) per item - yay for clubbing together with your buddies!!


Minimum order of 10 diaries to one postal address @ £12 which includes p&p. Payment at the time of order please.


Minimum order of 6 calendars to one postal address @ £8 which includes p&p. Payment at the time of order please.

If you would like to place an order please email Debs:
We dispatch weekly and all orders that are received by 6pm on Saturdays will be dispatched the following week - usually on a Wednesday.

Why won't we offer groups the same discount as shops, traders and contributors?

Good question! For us, it comes down to a few things.

First, we have a number of loyal shops and traders who are working hard at making a living by exchanging our products with members of the public and getting a small profit in return. We are passionate about supporting small, local businesses and would hate to feel that we were undercutting these folk by offering 'their' rates to, albeit, wonderful, passionate committed groups who then potentially wouldn't purchase our product from that business ... see where we're coming from?!

Second, neither can we offer our products at anything less than we offer them to our contributors as it is thanks to their incredible generosity that we're able to consistently produce our inspirational tome! We sell our products at low prices and quantity to our contributors as a way of saying THANK YOU and, again, it wouldn't feel quite right to extend that gesture to everyone! (Now, of course, if you or someone in your group wanted to submit some work then that's a whole different ball game!!! )

Third,  we are very much committed to our Seed Fund and the only way we can ensure adequate funds are in our Seed Fund Pot is to calculate, very cleverly, (we converted to an abacus after we ran out of enough fingers and toes with which to calculate...) how much profit we need to make on different demographics of our buying community. Phew! Enough with the numbers...

Fourth, we are also very keen to produce a sustainable product; financially sustainable in its ability to generate enough profit to make next year's printing possible, (we rely on a substantial amount of folk generous enough to buy at the 'going rate' from us directly via our website) - and environmentally sustainable through our use of a UK based printing company rather than a cheaper, international option - our use of recycled paper rather than cheaper, virgin pulp -  and our ongoing research into finding an eco-friendly spiral binder which will inevitably raise costs. That, plus the inevitable postage price rises, means we do need to look at the pennies closely to ensure we are staying aligned with our core Earth Pathways values!

So we hope we have explained why we can't offer everybody a discounted price on their products and that you will still support the ethos and spirit of the Earth Pathways philosophy!