2019 submission closing date just a month away!

Can it be true? Just a month left? We know it seems almost unbelievable that a whole year has passed since the last submission deadline but we checked, and double checked, and triple checked (we have these lovely diaries, you see, that make checking the date really quite joyous hence our eagerness to investigate…) and…

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Weaving 2016

Hello lovely diary clan… Because we feel like a clan right? When Glennie and I sat in a field and thought ‘hey, what about doing a diary together?’, we realised that we already knew some pretty cool folk – artists, activist, writers, diggers and dreamers – all of whom helped us get Earth Pathways together.…

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Weaving for the 2017 diary

I know it seems difficult to believe but we are already busy choosing artwork and writing for inclusion in the 2017 Earth Pathways Diary. We need to work this far in advance because there’s an awful lot of editing, designing, proof-reading, re-designing, contributor liaison, printer liaison and more re-designing. Then, let’s not forget cake-eating, checking…

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