Guidelines for submitting to the Earth Pathways Diary and Calendar

General guidelines

  • No work will be accepted without a printed, completed and signed submissions form or an email address
  • You are welcome to submit up to 5 pieces of work; these can be a mixture of images and writing.
  • We need to have correct and clear contact details for you – please write your email clearly on your submission form.
  • Don’t forget to include an electronic version of your 40 word profile (we don't need this printed)!
  • We advise you to read through the Contributor Terms and Conditions before submitting.

Artwork guidelines

  • Artwork and photographs need to be sent as a .jpg The file size needs to be between 3 - 10 MB.
  • If you're photographing your work, please make sure it is well-lit and avoid using the camera on your phone!
  • Digital File Sizes. Our aim is to present your work to the highest standard possible. We cannot use small kb image files, which are fine on the computer but are absolutely no good for printing. Please check your file size before sending them, but Please don’t just resize them if they are small files as this doesn’t work… they remain a small file in essence, and there is no point in you sending us them as we just cant use them no matter how much we would like to!
  • Please don't hesitate to contact our designer Coral if you need any help or advice with this:
  • For large files you can use WeTransfer. If you do so, please email to let her know you have sent your files this way
  • Every piece needs to be titled –  please make sure that the file names that are sent to us correspond to the same titles on your submissions form! This is important so there is no confusion as to which piece is which.

Small printouts of your artwork. 

  • We need a small, physical printed copy of each image. Postcard size is best. A4 printouts are not helpful.
  • These are simply to help us with our selection process, as we create a physical diary first. This involves a great shuffling about of bits of writing and images until we find those perfect matches that are the hallmark of the diary pages. If you print your images on photographic paper they make more impact but of course normal copier paper is also fine.
  • Your name AND the title of your image MUST be written on the back of each print-out please. If we sneeze and everything gets jumbled up together... well... you get the picture!!
  • Any further questions feel free to email

Writing guidelines

  • All writing (prose, poetry & your profile) needs to be sent as a Word/text document; .doc .docx .txt are all fine. 
  • Length of work.  Please bear in mind the size of a diary/calendar page; there is no point sending us lengthy poems or prose! There is limited space on a page and we like to give equal opportunity to both the words and the image. To create a harmonious page the writing, artwork and season must be beautifully aligned. Have a look at what writing does get in, as that might help you decide what to send us.
  • Bearing the above in mind ... prose needs to be approx. 200 - 225 words. Fewer than this is also good.
  • Poems need to be the equivalent of half of an A5 page

Printing out your writing

  • We need a physical, single sided, printed copy of each submitted piece, 
  • They can be all on one or two pages but please make sure that each piece has its title and your name against each piece.
  • We rarely choose rhyming poems and as a team we seem to prefer the more free-flow type of poetry, again quite short is good.

None of this is meant to dissuade you from submitting; on the contrary, we simply want to increase your chances of being selected.

The Selection process

All of the Earth Pathways team get together in December to vote on the artwork, which we project onto a big screen. We all vote on the writing over the Mid-Winter break… This ensures that a fair selection of different and diverse tastes are considered.

Please feel free to email us with any other questions you may have – we will try our very best to help you!!

All the best, the Earth Pathways Diary team