Earth Pathways is so much more than a diary, it’s the hub for a vibrant community of amazing people who are committed to creating a more sustainable way of living in harmony with our beautiful Earth.

Here’s the idea….  Along with our revamped website and Facebook page we see Earth Pathways E-News as a regular means of sharing with you our latest news, activities and events. There will be updates on projects we have seed-funded and latest news from diary contributors, plus details of relevant workshops, talks or positive action campaigns that you might wish to support.

We want to hear from you!Saxon Shoreline, Summer Solstice Eve 2013 - RavenCrone

This is also an invitation to YOU, our lovely readers and supporters, to contribute to the Newsletter!

Tell us about what you’re involved with that strengthens community in your area, tell us how you celebrate the seasonal turning of the year, tell us what has inspired you to get involved in local earth-sustaining initiatives – maybe it was a friend, a film or a book…TELL US!

Send us news, reviews, stories, photos, links etc. We want to hear from YOU! Tell us what’s going on in your locale – let’s grow this amazing community even more by sharing positive stories and inspiring one another to really be the change we want to see.

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Featured Image and Poetry: Saxon Shoreline, Summer Solstice Eve 2013  and  We Gather  by RavenCrone