Autumn Equinox

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As part of the 2015 Earth Pathways Diary festival pages we are including extra information on these festival web pages, to encourage you to explore the energy of the festivals yourself through stories and storytelling. We have been gifted these beautiful stories and chants by Marion McCartney.

Start by reading the Autumn Equinox story of The Black Prince by clicking the link, (or download the story as a pdf)


Day and night are in perfect balance again all over the world. The Sun enters the sign of Libra, bringing balance and harmony and, by necessity, change and transformation. It is time to take action and move into a new energy phase to balance the outer world with the inner world. It is a time to release the past and move forwards, a chance to be clear about what it is you want to do now and prepare for winter.
After all is gathered in, and the outside jobs are completed, we can celebrate the harvest. It is the family gathering of autumn’s end, Thanksgiving, the big harvest party, a feast and a celebration of the year’s abundance. Here we can celebrate the Earth and all her gifts, friendships, family, our produce, our creations and achievements, our own personal harvest. Autumn Equinox is the doorway to winter. Summer is over and a new phase will begin. Here we can share with each other what we have gained and completed during the summer and make our plans for the coming winter. From now on the days will get noticeably shorter and colder. The Sun’s power is waning fast. This is the time of ripening fruits, nuts, mushrooms and berries. It is a busy time if you want to lay in stores for the winter.

It is a time for balancing and reconciling opposites and to see them as part of the whole. Everything co-exists together and we need both sides in order to be balanced and whole: the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, creation and destruction, death and rebirth, materialism and spirituality. Here at the Autumn Equinox, celebrate your whole selves, your masculine and feminine aspects, your conscious and unconscious, the active and the receptive, your light and dark sides, your fortunes and your misfortunes, your young self and your old self – and all aspects of the cycle of life. Celebrate it all, the good and the bad. Honour the changing season which brings a chance to start again.
Dragon Day was celebrated at the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes. Here the dragon is invoked to carry the Fire energy into the inner realms, to activate the Fire within. The dragon goes underground now for the winter. The dragon is an ancient energy symbol representing Earth energy, dynamism, Fire, will and courage. This we take with us now as we turn to face the dark inner realms. This is not a place to fear as we have been taught, but a place to get in touch with your power, strength, inner focus, spiritual path and a reconnection to your inner wisdom. We are part of this whole, not separate from it.


The Equinoxes prepare us for change in the Earth’s energy. This is the transition into the winter season which we must all respond to. Things are moving fast now. Preparations and intentions for the coming winter months must be made now. The days are shortening and the increasing cold are here to remind us that change is coming. The leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees; the fruit is ripening and needs to be gathered in. Outside jobs need to be completed.
The sap in the trees and plants is moving down now. This is the beginning of root energy and brings sleep, rest and renewal. It is a chance for all of life to go within and re-enter the dark womb of the spiritual world. This is the balance between the outer journey and the inner journey, which provides a strong foundation for our lives. It is a time for long-term planning and incubation. The seed ideas we plant now will re-emerge in the spring changed, transformed and strengthened by their time in the unconscious. We have become disconnected from the source of our inner knowing. Use the Autumn Equinox to reclaim this balance. Listen to the wisdom and intuitions which come from within, trust your inner journey, value its path as much as you value the path of your outer knowing and outer journey.
Give thanks for your harvest. A state of gratitude opens your heart and increases the flow of Love and abundance in your life. Give thanks for the inner rewards you are beginning to harvest and look for ways to use them in the future. Ask for guidance, be open to a change in focus, or a change in direction in your life. State your intent to find inner wisdom and to follow your spiritual path.
At this moment, when we appreciate all that the Earth has provided for us, ask yourself what you can give back, to help the healing of the Earth, to undo the damage of our industrial/scientific age. The gift you have is your inspired vision and enlightenment, your love, compassion and higher ideals which will affect all those you speak to, and will bring changes in the world. Welcome your awakening intuitive creative faculties which will help heal our imbalanced rational world. Share the wisdom and power this brings you. Manifest the goodness of your spirit in all you do.

The double spiral is the symbol of Autumn Equinox. It illustrates the in-breath and the out-breath, the point of balance between the worlds, the inner and outer journey. The endless cycle of change brings renewal and new opportunities to explore and understand ourselves. Your harvest is the starting point of this understanding. At the Autumn Equinox, look back with thanks and blessings to the gifts and help given, to the expansion which began in the spring. Welcome the turning, the change of energy flowing towards the dark, the power within. Connect to your inner pathways, your spiritual path. Rest, re-charge, find the source of your inner world. Slip out of time. Dream a new dream.

Extract from Sacred Earth Celebrations by Glennie Kindred

Love for Life

I am so small and yet I’m always cared for,
My share of abundance awaits.
And your life is yours just for the cost of living it,
And even that is up to you.

Counting blessings
Thanking the land
Connecting to the source of Life

Opening hearts
In simple gratitude
Returning love for life

So sit on the hill, and watch the Sunrise,
Forget your hardships, break your bread.
We give so much – we give so little
The balance settles with gratitude.

Counting blessings
Thanking the land
Connecting to the source of Life

Opening hearts
In simple gratitude
Returning love for life

Returning love for life returning
Love for life returning
Love for life
Love for life
Brian Boothby
Tomorrows Ancestor

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