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As part of the 2015 Earth Pathways Diary festival pages we are including extra information on these festival web pages, to encourage you to explore the energy of the festivals yourself through stories and storytelling. We have been gifted these beautiful stories and chants by Marion McCartney. Immerse yourself in this Lammas festival story.

Here’s the ending of The Midsummer Bride

(or perhaps I should say an ending)
You’ll find the first part of the story in the Summer Solstice section.

‘If you returned to your people, would you remember our life together and regret that it was past?’ he asked.
‘I would remember nothing of our life together. I would forget you utterly.’
For a while he stood in silence, then he sighed and said, ‘I do not wish you to have even a moment’s sorrow. Return to your people and be happy.’ He freed her wrist and she went towards the fairy people who held out their hands to her.
In the distance he heard the first cock crow.
‘It is dawn,’ he thought. ‘They will take her away and I will never see her again.’
He ran to his horse and did not look back. He could not bear to see the meadow empty where his love had been. He galloped blindly by fields and woods, not caring where his horse carried him, for he was thinking, ‘I have lost her. I can never be happy again in all my life.’
An hour later he found himself on the road to his castle. Along the track trudged a figure in a blue velvet gown. He called out to her and joyfully she turned. ‘My husband, I cannot walk another step. I’m so weary. And I’ve lost my shoes. I woke in a meadow all alone. I was so afraid. Did you ride out to find me? Were you afraid too?’
‘I rode out to find you. And I was afraid.’
He lifted her onto his horse when he looked into her eyes, he saw that she was thinking only of him and of herself and of their life together.
And in that moment he knew that love is perfect only when it will give up even the thing which it loves, for that thing’s sake.

So what did you think of the ending? Would you have changed it in any way if you’d been telling the story? Should you make the message or ‘moral’ of the story (if there is one) explicit or leave it to people to work out for themselves?

If you would like to read another story we encourage you to try The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time by Anne Baring (writer) and Thetis Blacker (illustrator), originally published in 1993 by Barefoot Books, adapted and abridged for the Lammas festival page by Marion McCartney.

And Marion also kindly shares a Lammas ‘Mad Fruit Cake’ recipe and a greeting for all the people of the world in this extra Lammas offering.

Marion McCartney

Now let’s share a chant…

After Summer Solstice I was lucky enough to spend a week in the Earth Circle in the Healing Field at Glastonbury Festival. I was there with my Dream the Future stall where I was collecting people’s dreams of a better fairer world (see my website and Facebook page ‘I have a dream 2’)

My stall is next to the music space so not only do I get to hear the most beautiful music all day, but I also get to camp with the musicians. As soon as I heard Celeste Lovick singing Pacific Spirit I wanted to join in the chorus and I was delighted that it was chosen as the chant for the opening ceremony as the procession moved to the Earth circle*. It’s not only a lovely tune but also very easy to sing and very flexible in terms of putting different words to it.

Celeste has very kindly agreed to let people sing it with a variety of words and I’d really encourage you to have a go. But do start with her words: ‘Spirit is what we’re walking on,
Spirit is what we walking on
Spirit is what we’re walking o-o-on’

The song is about a beautiful place, Pacific Spirit Park near Vancouver and Celeste told me that the words are in fact what her mother said to her as they were walking through the park.

You can find the song Pacific Spirit on YouTube. Search for Celeste Lovick Pacific Spirit.
You’ll find the chorus at 1 min 43 sec & 3min 37sec

Here’s a few alternative versions of the words:

Spirit is what connects us all x3
What we want is a better world, What we want is a fairer world, What we want is a better fairer world
We dare to dream of …

Do send in any ideas of your own, but most important, do try singing it even if it’s only in the shower.

Celeste and her partner Chris Ellis are as talented as they are generous and I urge you to get hold of their music. You could start by checking out their YouTube channel, ‘shelteringtreemusic’
*Later in the ceremony Glennie Kindred also taught us a beautiful, more meditative chant (with movements) which she’d recently composed. I hope she’ll share it too.


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