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As part of the 2015 Earth Pathways Diary festival pages we are including extra information on these festival web pages, to encourage you to explore the energy of the festivals yourself through stories and storytelling. We have been gifted these beautiful stories and chants by Marion McCartney.

Start by reading the introduction to the Spring Equinox story and then immerse yourself in the tale of Demeter and Persephone   (or download both as a pdf)


More Ways to Celebrate Spring Equinox

Listen to Carolyn Hillyer singing Heron Valley, some of whose lyrics I quote below. To me it’s a perfect Equinox song.    (You can get the CD from Seventh Wave Music.)

Heron Valley

There’s a Maiden coming in
moving down through Heron Valley
see the Maiden coming in
wearing spring in her hair

Silver by the pool
naked in the clear air
tall against the birch
dancer on the damp earth.

She’s the catcher of the breeze
she’s the lover of the pale sun
she’s the footstep on the moss
she’s the laughter of the quick stream.

Silver by the pool….

Beneath the lace of winter wood
she throws out her arms and she sings
calling birds behind her
that bring summer on their wings.

Carolyn Hillyer

Get outdoors as often as you can and observe the leaf buds and the early wild flowers. On my walks at this time of year I can see the green flowers of dog’s mercury, hazel catkins, and the early yellow flowers, coltsfoot and celandine.

The dawn chorus gets better and better during April and May. The best way to hear it is to get outside an hour before sunrise so you can hear them start one by one. Remember to take warm clothes and a flask of hot drink. The RSPB website is really informative.

This is a good time to celebrate the birth of projects or new ventures, often the first time that they are presented to the world. Like babies they are both resilient and vulnerable, so give all the positive support you can to the projects of others and be willing to ask for support in your own projects. Find a symbol to represent your project and put it somewhere you’ll see it regularly. Give it your best attention..

Choose lines from Shambhala Creed (below) and say them to yourself every time you go past your symbol.
One of my favourite lines is particularly suited to the Equinox:
As a bird flies on two wings, I balance outer activity with inner sustenance

Shambhala Creed

I firmly establish my intention to live my life for the healing of the world.
I am fully present in our time.

I hold in a single vision the transformation of myself and the transformation of the world.

As a bird flies on two wings, I balance outer activity with inner sustenance.

I remember that I am the inheritor of the strengths of thousands of generations of life.
I recall that the prayers of future generations are silently with me.

I am confident in the magic and power that arise when people come together in a great cause.

In it all and through it all, holding to my intention, I let go into the music of life.
I dance

Adapted from a Buddhafield leaflet
For a Shambhala Warrior story, see

Try saying it every day for a month. Or put it on your bedroom wall…

Marion McCartney

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