Contributor Galleries and Profiles

We hugely value and appreciate the work sent to us for inclusion into our diaries and one of our aims is to support the promotion of our contributors’ work. We provide ‘virtual’ gallery space on our ‘Showcase’ website for successful contributors to put 5 pieces of work for each year they are included, plus a profile with biographical and/or contextual information about themselves and any relevant contact details. We also offer an abridged version of this information in our 40 word contributor profile in the ‘A-Z of contributors’ at the back of each diary.

To find a specific contributor click on the relevant alphabetic link below or use the search facility (over in the right hand column).

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Diary Sample Pages

We are so proud of the beautiful pages within our diaries and offer you here some examples of pages from past and current diaries.

Calendar Sample Pages

Our second Earth Pathways Calendar is now ready to make its way into the world! Take a look at some sample pages here.

Featured Musicians

We thought it would be lovely to start showcasing a regular ‘Featured Musician’ here on the Earth Pathways website and we are also investigating how we could include musical offerings as part of our yearly call for submissions. Find out more on the Featured Musicians page.