Processing our submissions (part two)

Then after a month or so of individual time spent considering the submissions we meet as a group and go through them again to talk about our choices and decisions. (This is also an excuse important reason for much chocolate, coffee and general reverie!!!) This can lead to heated (but friendly) discussions because we all have a slightly different tastes – that’s what makes the Weaving Circle so effective, and so fair; it really does represent a cross section of tastes and opinions. It is also during the Weaving Circle that we use the thumbnails and printouts that we request with the submissions. We spread the images and articles over the floor and begin to match up pieces and place them loosely into the Wheel of the Year. It is so incredibly helpful to have the physical image and words in front of you when you’re doing this part of the selection.

Finally, we are able to make a ‘long-list’ then it’s over to our Editor-in-Chief Glennie to weave her magic and bring together the chosen submissions and place them in the diary appropriately. (And if I make that sound easy, believe you me, Glennie has the hardest job of all!!!!) She works closely with our designer May to consider how best to present the different pieces and there is a lot of too-ing and fro-ing as they play around with backgrounds, and consider where to place text, colours, shades and all manner of technical jiggery pokery which would make the most capable of graphic designers go a little bit pale and wobbly. The page mock ups are circulated for proof reading and general checking, and the relevant changes made. It is only then that we can contact contributors to let them know whether their work has been successful or not. The entire process, from receiving your work to contacting you with a yes, or no, can take the best part of 6 months. Even things that are on the ‘cutting room floor’ can still make it back in to the diary at the 11th hour.

And all this while we are working on our ‘day jobs’ as it were!!! It really is a labour of love but also an immense privileged to release into the world this beautiful diary with its message of hope, love and connection to the Earth. So thank you to EVERYBODY who has sent work to be considered for the 2016 diary. It is a brave step to share your work to people you don’t know, so please be aware that we respect and honour everyone’s submissions. Sadly there is never room for everything but that is NEVER a reflection on the quality of, or value we have, for your work. And if you have any questions about any aspect of the submissions process please do get in touch and we can give you more information! [Read the first part of this blog post here]

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