Earth Pathways Musicians

The Earth Pathways Diary and Calendar are by their very natures physical products and so the inclusion of live music has never been possible (although much humming, singing and tara-diddle-dumming goes on during the choosing, editing and production of the diaries as you can imagine!) However, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we can now, of course, begin to integrate the sounds of amazing musicians and singers whose work contributes to inspiring a connection to the Earth.

We thought it would be lovely to start showcasing a regular 'Featured Musician' here at the Earth Pathways website and we are also investigating how we could include musical offerings as part of our yearly call for submissions.

If you are a musician and you would like to be considered as a 'Featured Musician' we would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! Please contact us in the usual way providing a little more information and if possible a link to some of your music.

Featured Musician January 2018 - Brian Boothby

Featured Musician July 2017 - Robert King

Featured Musician March 2017 - Sunflower Thieves

Featured Musician December 2016 - Miniature Universe 

Featured Musician September 2016 - James Oldrini

Featured Musician May 2016 - Domenic DeCicco

Featured Musician March 2016 - Jehanne Mehta

Featured Musician December 2015 - Kismet

Featured Musician October 2015 - Dave Sturt

Featured Musicians September 2015 - Red River Dialect

Featured Musician August 2015 - Sheltering Tree Music