The tale of Jaine, Maude and the orange jumper

This is me. Jaine Rose. Sometimes a bit lost in sea fog.

This is Maud. My campervan. She is a superstar who always knows where she is going.

Maud and I met just south of Bristol in late winter of this year. ‘I’m your girl’ she whispered to me, and from that moment on, we were off. Those of you who know me, know I obsessively travel a line between the ocean of the east and the ocean of the west. I’m hardwired to do this. Or it may just be that I’m menopausal. Whatever.

It became clear from about April onwards that Maud had other plans. She’s a van that thinks big..and even though I found a hundred reasons not to travel north of Worcester, there we were, headed for mountains and islands.

The West coast of Scotland is where we ended up, and where my phone decided not to work. And actually where Maud decided not to work, down a country lane miles from nowhere…managed to flag down an unimpressed farmer in a tractor who helped out. Oh that pesky girl, I clearly didn’t feed her and I enough chocolate. Well, I won’t make that mistake again.

After two decades of being tumbled around in the washing machine that is called parenthood, these feet of mine got itchy. I’m an artist, and this means I’m able to travel around and take me work with me. So that is what I did this year. Sometimes it worked out, and I woke up in gorgeous places, sometimes I felt useless and sat and cried and got nowhere. That’s how most of us roll though, isn’t it?

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s rewind a bit. So this story actually starts with a very bad piece of knitting. Incase you can’t tell what it is, its my orange jumper – and that line in the middle – bad mistake. Those holes that look like they might be a pattern – dropped stitches. But hot damn, that jumper has saved my life.

About three years ago, in the middle of a very bad piece of breaking, my best friend asked me to imagine a future version of me, where I was sorted, and fabulous and ready to take on the world. Through teary eyes I had a vision of a short haired, kick ass Wonder Woman wearing the best orange jumper. She was incredible, the sort of woman I’ve yearned to be. I thought the best route to finding her, alongside some shit hot therapy, was to start knitting the jumper. It’s a slow journey. But with every dropped stitch and inevitable mistake was the growing realisation that actually, I’m already orange, and hey, what are you waiting for – buy that campervan and drive to Scandinavia. Or maybe just Norfolk and Cornwall to begin with. So this is what I’m doing.

Mostly its a solo journey. That is important to me. But I have some wondrous friends on the sidelines cheering me on, including our fab Earth Pathways team, whom I love to bits. So I stitch, I draw tiny designs on bones, I work on artwork for the diary, and when I’m not at home in Stroud, I wake up in fabulous places. Sometimes it’s fantastic, sometimes its not. But Maud and I, we are doing ok, we are learning each other’s language, and the way of the B Road. Life is good.

[with thanks to the ever gorgeous and inspiring Sue for inviting me babble on the blog!]

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  1. Susan Roberts on November 12, 2019 at 7:46 am

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story may you cotinue loving what you do and where you find yourself xx

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