The world leaders on climate change … and making a wish

A guest post by a wonderful friend of the Earth Pathways Diary, Marion McCartney

Last week I suddenly had an urge to celebrate Back to the Future day on 21 October, and chose to ask people to sponsor me to watch all three films. I was a little puzzled as to why the idea caught my imagination so strongly, but it seems clear to me now, as I was prompted to think about the way that one small action can have a huge impact on the future. I wonder why they chose that date? Anyway, from our perspective it’s very well timed.

In the days between 28 November and 12 December world leaders will be meeting in Paris to discuss action on climate chaos (as I think it more accurate to describe it) .

This then is most certainly the time to wish for the world we want. I don’t mean the half-hearted, slightly embarrassed wish that many of us make as we blow out birthday candles, but recapturing the intensity and power of the wish of a child. It might take a little practice so this gives you the month of November to build and strengthen your wishing powers (“wishability”?).
You might do it by focusing on a candle flame or something similar; the ‘props’ are up to you: the key is the focus as we work together or alone to create the world we want, first in our imaginations and then into the physical world.

‘The imagined future is a subversive force: the more who imagine a different kind of future, and imagine constructively, materially and determinedly, the more dangerous utopian dreams become. They grow from dreams to aims. Just as the scientist proceeds from speculative hypothesis to practical experimentation, so with social change, what begin as wild dreams, gut feelings, beautiful visions, emerge as movements to make the imagined real’.
Stephen Coleman

You might like to create a simple wish focusing ceremony, perhaps linked with an action which you do regularly: washing your hands; drinking a glass of water; making a pot of tea. You could link it with a sound: a bell, or your own voice.
Above all, keep it simple, individual and about the world which you DO want. Use words and/or images: whatever suits you best.

Yesterday I was playing a sort of “It could be worse” game with a nephew. He outlined a truly horrible society: mean, unjust and dismal in every way. “I can think of something worse,” I said. “To discover at the end of my life that the unjust society would not have emerged if one person had acted differently – and that person was me…”

‘So many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up’.      Thomas Edison

I’m not suggesting that this is all you need to do. There will be plenty of opportunities, from joining activists on Eurostar for 2 days in Paris (Friends of the
Earth have information on this), local and national marches – but equally effective might be a local collection and display of wishes for the world we want.
Do what you feel attracted to: be part of something worth trying!

‘Daring new ideas are like chess pieces moved forward; they may be defeated, but they may start a winning game’.  Goethe

Marion McCartney

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