Weaving 2016

Hello lovely diary clan…

Because we feel like a clan right? When Glennie and I sat in a field and thought ‘hey, what about doing a diary together?’, we realised that we already knew some pretty cool folk – artists, activist, writers, diggers and dreamers – all of whom helped us get Earth Pathways together. Ten years later, it feels like we have grown into quite a tribe, and we criss cross over in our creative worlds, and in cyberspace, and in real places like summer festivals and fireside gatherings.

It feels especially important in this crazy world, to think that I know some solid people…people who celebrate their differentness, and that I can hold on to in a storm..robust, imaginative brilliant people who are able to see the world in inspired ways. This is the world that Earth Pathways circles around in, these are the people we think about each time we gather to begin work on our next diary.

Oh and what a big time for us…we are birthing our 10th diary, and are in danger of getting way too excited..

10 years! It hasn’t always been easy, there have been real crunchy moments in that rollercoaster ride, of course. But when we all met at the beginning of December, as a team, to take a deep breath and really look at what we had achieved, it was pretty humbling. A cake moment. And luckily for us there were two cakes, and plenty of other delicious things. Sue rose to the gluten free vegan challenge and made a chocolate cake that was verging on rude it was so chocolately, and Glennie made a chocolate and ginger cake which was pretty awesome too. You know us, we are very green and super powered by chocolate….

Glennie and Brian have the most gorgeous nest in the hills of Derbyshire, which is where we all head to when we gather. We decided to go a bit crazy and hire Kate, brilliant photographer, to do a photoshoot – get us – which we pulled off with some panache – Brian on the flute, Glennie on the drums, Annie on the spiced cider, Marion with her maracas, Lucille knitting, me with a faceful of cake, and Debs and Sue giving a rather dodgy rendition of Wuthering Heights. But that would be telling tales….

We had a ridiculous amount of fun, around the firepit, with Kate snapping away…watch this space for official pics next year. Before we came over too papparazzi, we headed back inside ‘the nest’ for the official job of the weekend – the Weaving Circle – where we squealed and cheered our way through some pretty stunning submissions. Thank you to all of you for sending such fab creative things for us again! Truly.

We have all sorts of lovely surprises in store to celebrate our 10th Anniversary next year…so I will be back with details of those. Meanwhile Debs has chained me to my desk with a pile of blank paper and three shiny new Rotring pens…with the threat of ‘no cake till you’ve done the calendar artwork’ – and she is not a woman to be messed with, so I am getting on with it. Will post pics of my progress up on Facebook.

So, before I write an entire novel, this is Jaine Rose, diary team member (the troublesome one) signing out…

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