Weaving for the 2017 diary

I know it seems difficult to believe but we are already busy choosing artwork and writing for inclusion in the 2017 Earth Pathways Diary. We need to work this far in advance because there’s an awful lot of editing, designing, proof-reading, re-designing, contributor liaison, printer liaison and more re-designing. Then, let’s not forget cake-eating, checking the printed proofs, more re-designing, getting the diaries out to shops and distributors…. and all that needs to happen and be done and dusted by the summer solstice preceding the year in question. It’s a very long, intense and time consuming process. Which is why we feel it is imperative to add as much fun, humour, camaraderie and cake-eating into the plans as we can. So this weekend saw many of the team merrily snuggled in the warmest and coziest of Derbyshire’s cottages, working hard to choose the best possible material for inclusion into the 2017 diary. There may have been one or two cakes scoffed but, obviously, that was a medicinal activity to give us the energy to continue with this particularly responsible task.

Ladder almost to the moonWe were blessed with a bumper amount of contributions again this year; in fact, we measured the envelopes and realised that they stretched three quarters of the way to the moon as this photo beautifully demonstrates. Bumper submissions means a bumper amount of stamps and they have been dutifully deposited in the collection for the RNIB so that’s an added bonus.

Since many of you reading this might be on the list of 2017 contributors, you’ll be eager to learn if your work has made it into the final cut. We expect the short list to now be worked on over the next couple of months as we find images to fit writing and then place both pieces appropriately in the wheel of the year. February and March usually sees us begin to ‘mock up’ the pages, do final proof reads, a little editing and re-designing, then April and May is when the final product hits the printing presses. Therefore we anticipate being able to confirm yay or nay by about the end of March/beginning of April. However you are always welcome to email if you have any concerns or queries.

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