Contributions to the 2019 diary and calendar

The Earth Pathways Diaries and Calendars are a great way to stay connected to a network of people living creatively in this land. Through them we share ideas for sustainable living and bring positive change and balance into our lives and into the world.

We are now accepting submissions for the 2019 Earth Pathways Diary and Calendar. The deadline for contributions to arrive is the 31st of October, 2017. Please download the submissions form which will give details about how to submit. It is available in .doc and .pdf formats, and also as a web page for those of you who cannot download the .doc and .pdf files.

Remember also to read through the guidelines for submissions.

Contributions can be sent via email OR on a CD or memory stick but it is important to ensure you send a hard (physical) copy of each image submitted and each written piece submitted. Please send a stamped addressed envelope if you’d like your memory stick returned. We also require a printed, completed and signed copy of the submission form. Without these items we cannot consider your work for inclusion in the diary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with this.


***We have had a few queries about the nature of the small printed hard copies of your images that we require. These are simply to help us with our selection process and the reason we ask YOU to send them is because otherwise we would have to print them all out ourselves and frankly, we’d go a bit loopy with the smell of all that wet ink.
They don’t need to be an exact size, just a smallish, sensible size that we can see clearly. DON’T WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS INK on a huge print out :o) And we don’t need them on photographic paper, normal copier paper will be fine. Any further questions feel free to email us. Thanks, you awesome bunch of clever, creative and talented people :o)***

Please note we will contact all contributors via email to acknowledge submissions and subsequently to let you know whether or not your work has been accepted. The email to acknowledge submissions should be sent by early 2018 – please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like confirmation of receipt of your work earlier than that!

Why contribute to the diary or calendar?

Great question! Although Earth Pathways is not able to provide financial remuneration for work used in our publication, all successful contributors receive a free diary/calendar for each piece of work we have used, and can buy products at a discounted price for the year in which they have contributed.
Contributors are also offered a 40-word profile to advertise themselves and their contact details. This appears in our A-Z of contributors at the back of the diary/calendar and also on our website.
Plus, of course, the profits we generate from the sales of dairies and calendars are ploughed into our hugely successful Seed Fund which funds artists, writers and projects that are working to benefit this Beautiful Earth!
We also provide the opportunity for successful contributors to put 5 pieces of work up on our website gallery, we offer guest blog spots featuring contributors and we are happy to provide reciprocal links to your websites or other media.
So all in all, it’s fabulous advertising for your work and you get the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing YOU are contributing to brightening someone’s week and helping the Earth at the same time!