Contribute to the 2022 Earth Pathways Diary and Calendar

The Earth Pathways Diary and Calendar are a great way to promote your work while connecting to a network of people living creatively in this land. We consider any submissions which share ideas for sustainable living, bring positive change and balance into our lives, and inspire us to connect to the land.

We are now accepting submissions for the 2022 Earth Pathways Diary and Calendar. The deadline for contributions to arrive is 31st of October, 2020. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help with any part of the submission process!

Quick Links to the Submission Forms/Documents

The above link is the 2022 Submission Form and opens as a PDF for you to print off, complete and post to us.

Please take the time to read through the Terms and Conditions as they form an integral part of the submission process.

Quick guide to submitting

  1. Read through the Contributor Terms and Conditions document. Ask if you have ANY questions as these Ts and Cs form the basis of the submission agreement between you, the contributor, and us, Earth Pathways Cooperative Ltd.
  2. Read through the Submissions Guidelines. Again, ask if you have ANY questions as incorrect submissions may not be considered.
  3. Choose the pieces you want to submit (up to 5).
  4. Prepare the digital files according to the Submission Guidelines, and print them out to send to us*. Don't forget to write your name, and the work's name, on the back of the print outs.
  5. Either email the digital files to us at or save them to a CD or data stick to send with your printed material. PLEASE ensure the names of the digital files match the submitted works' names on your submission form.
  6. Create a digital 40 word profile and either email it to us along with your submissions, or add it to your CD or data stick.
  7. Print out the 2022 Submission Form, complete and sign it. Keep a copy for your own records.
  8. Post the completed 2022 Submission Form and the printed copies of your submitted work (with CD or data stick if appropriate) to the address on the Submission Form.
  9. Make yourself a very big cup of your favourite drink, treat yourself to at least two biscuits and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!!

Remember, contributions can be sent via email OR on a CD or memory stick but it is important to ensure you send a printed (physical) copy of each image submitted, and each written piece submitted, along with a printed, completed and signed copy of the submission form. Without these items we cannot consider your work for inclusion in the diary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any problems with this. We are lovely folk and we will go out of our way to help you submit!

Why contribute to the diary or calendar?

Great question! Although Earth Pathways is not able to provide financial remuneration for work used in our publication, all successful contributors receive either a free diary or calendar (depending on which product your work is featured in!) for each piece of work we have used , and can buy products at a discounted price for the year in which they have contributed.
Contributors are also offered a 40-word profile to advertise themselves and their contact details. This appears in our A-Z of contributors at the back of the diary/calendar and also on our website.
We also provide the opportunity for successful contributors to put 5 pieces of work up on our website gallery, we offer guest blog spots featuring contributors and we are happy to provide reciprocal links to your websites or other media. We can also mention any exhibitions or other projects you might be involved in on our FaceBook page and in our regular e-newsletter.
Plus, of course, the profits we generate from the sales of dairies and calendars are ploughed into our hugely successful Seed Fund which funds artists, writers and projects that are working to benefit this Beautiful Earth!

So all in all, it's fabulous advertising for your work and you get the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing YOU are contributing to brightening someone's week and helping the Earth at the same time!