Contributor Terms and Conditions

Earth Pathways Cooperative Limited’s Terms and Conditions for Contributors

These Terms and Conditions form part of the agreement for contributing work for consideration into the Earth Pathways Cooperative Ltd’s products. By submitting work to us, and signing to say you have read this document, we assume you are happy with these Ts and Cs.

If you have ANY queries, worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us directly.

 Work Submission and Return

  1. Our deadline for receiving work to be considered for publication is the 31st of October; any work received after this date may not be considered.
  2. No work will be accepted without a completed digital submission form emailed to us. The submission form is available on the website.
  3. Please do not send originals.

Data Collection, Storage and Usage

  1. For the purposes of this document, ‘data’ refers to your own personal details and any work you are submitting in both physical and digital format.
  2. Your submission and personal data relating to that submission, will be kept for three calendar years after your submission for possible inclusion in future publications. This is because we often want to use work but cannot fit it into the current publication and would be keen to use it in the future. Before doing this we would always contact you for permission.
  3. We may contact you via the email address you have provided to enquire about the possibility of acquiring different work (eg. if you sent some brilliant poems about the autumn but we have no space remaining to place them, we might ask if you have something equally wonderful for spring. Or we may have seen something on your website, for example, that beautifully illustrates a piece of writing we are hoping to use).
  4. We may contact you via the email address you have provided to ask whether you give permission for us to use your work in new projects and/or products that we may be creating.
  5. Should you decide to withdraw your submission before the 31st October deadline please let us know and we will omit it from the body of work being considered. We will also delete all of the personal data you have submitted for that year in accordance with the deletion requests in our privacy policy.
  6. We go to print in the spring following your submission. You may withdraw permission for us to use your work up until we go to print at which point we are unable to omit your work. By submitting work for consideration, you are giving us permission to use your work in our publications – if you do not feel comfortable about allowing this, please don’t submit! Please consider contacting us to discuss your concerns about publication should you have any.
  7. It is crucial that you keep your contact details up to date – please let us know if your email and/or postal addresses change.

Editing, Cropping and Modifying work

  1. We reserve the right to edit or excerpt writing, crop or use only a section of an image, modify images (eg. enlarge or rotate images for backgrounds, enhance segments of detail within an image), combine or collage work, and prepare images as necessary for publication. Where this renders your work substantially different from the original submission we will contact you first to discuss the changes we intend to make.

Copyright Information

  1. By submitting work to us you confirm that no one else owns exclusive rights to the work(s) including other publications and foreign rights.
  2. We will use the © symbol where appropriate, and credit you with being the creator of the work. Please visit the following website for more information about copyright.

Successful Submissions

  1. Successful contributors will be contacted by email, in the spring following the submission.
  2. Successful diary contributors will receive a complementary diary for each piece of work we have used andcan buy diaries at a discounted price for the year in which they have contributed.
  3. Successful calendar contributors will receive a complementary calendar for each piece of work we have used andcan buy calendars at a discounted price for the year in which they have contributed.
  4. All successful contributors are offered a 40-word profile to advertise themselves and their contact details. This appears in our A-Z of contributors at the back of the diary/calendar and also on our website. If you do not want to participate in this opportunity please let us know.
  5. Successful contributors may also take advantage of our website showcase where they can publish additional work, link to their own websites and online shops, and feature in guest blog spots. With suitable notice, we can also promote contributors’ work via our Social Media accounts and our regular e-newsletter.
  6. We ask that successful contributors agree to create links from their websites to the Earth Pathways website to participate in a two-way creation of links wherever possible.

Our Commitment To You

  1. We will acknowledge receipt of your submission, usually within 28 days of receiving it.
  2. Your work will be considered fairly, by a broad range of people.
  3. We aim to let you know whether you have been successful as soon as is practicably possible. This is usually during the spring following the submission and will be via email.
  4. Should your work be successful, we will endeavour to present it as accurately as the printing process allows. This may not reproduce as an exact replica of the original artwork.
  5. We have a stringent proof-reading/checking process and each diary and calendar page goes through multiple checks. However, we are mere mortals and on very rare occasions the odd typo, formatting error or other unintentional oversight may occur. When alerted to such lapses in accuracy we will do our best to remedy the situation by including erratum messages on our website, social media accounts and, where practically possible, in our products. We are not able to reprint products or recall products which have already been distributed.
  6. We value clear, open and honest communication and believe this is the foundation to good working relationships with our contributors, customers and community. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or feedback about the submission process we will be happy to discuss them with you – please use email contact in the first instance.

The Contributor Terms and Conditions were last updated in January 2021.