Earth Pathways Seed Fund

A Seed Fund for innovative projects that help the Earth

Earth Pathways Diary is a community-owned co-operative, registered with Co-operatives UK as an Industrial Provident Society. It is our stated intention to Seed Fund innovative projects that help the Earth using a percentage of the profits from sales of our diaries and calendars.

**The closing date for applications is September 1st each year. Decisions are then made, once a year, at our AGM in October.**

Earth Pathways Seed Fund - previous years' award winners

Have a look at our 'Previous Seed Fund Award Winners' for an idea of the kinds of projects that we have funded.

Earth Pathways Seed Fund - application

If you would like to be considered as a candidate for Seed Funding we need some information about your Project, the funding that you need, and about you and your organisation.

How much Funding? What can it be for?

As we're a small co-operative we have a limited amount of money available each year and individual awards tend to be in the hundreds of pounds and not thousands.

Our Seed Fund awards are made to small organisations or individuals.

Funding is normally given towards core costs, including equipment. Please be as specific as possible about how much funding you're asking for. Be as specific as possible about what the funding will be spent on.

Our Seed Fund awards are usually given as one-offs but we do not rule out further applications in future years. If you have been successful in the past and wish to re-apply, please contact us first to discuss this.

How we decide

We prefer to fund projects that have a good chance of continuing to grow beyond any money we give to them. Depending on the nature of the applications received each year, we may decide to fund one main project only or several proportionally. We prioritise projects that do not receive ongoing funding from other sources.


What we will expect from you:

1. A written acknowledgement of the receipt of our Seed-Fund award by your contact person or another of your key personnel
2. Your agreement to send us quarterly updates on your progress with the work we are supporting. (As a Co-Operative it is important that we give regular updates to the people who buy our diary - the wider Earth Pathways community.) Your feedback to us can be as brief as half of a page and need not always be in written form - we will accept photographs with a brief explanation of progress etc
3. Your agreement to acknowledge our funding on any information or publicity you offer about your project, this might be on your website, blog, leaflets, posters, letterheads, Annual Reports, etc. (We will send you an Earth Pathways Diary badge in order to do this  - it reads 'A helping hand from Earth Pathways Seed-Fund')
4. Your agreement to 'Link' to us on your website or blog if you have one
5. Your agreement to keep us up to date with your contact details
We will send you a Terms and Conditions form which states all of the above. This will also include …

What you can expect from us:

1. Apart from giving you the Seed-Fund amount agreed, we will continue to raise awareness of your project on our website, social media, and in our newsletter, including relevant links.
2. We will use the quarterly information you provide to post updates on the progress of your project and encourage interested members of the Earth Pathways Diary community to offer further financial support by contacting you direct. (Earth Pathways Diary cannot accept responsibility for collecting any additional donations on your behalf)