Customer reviews for the Earth Pathways Diary, Wall Calendar and Journal

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Last updated: 15th February 2024

I love these planners and have been getting these for a couple of years now. The artwork, the articles, the poetry, the purpose and meaning behind everything, it’s just perfect. Hoping for many more to come!

I absolutely love my Earth Pathways diary, the artwork and written words are breathtaking - it is like receiving a great big hug from the earth and the elemental beings upon her. I highly recommend buying this beautiful diary, it will open your heart and connect you to the magic and beauty of mother nature.

This amazing diary is so beautiful, every year. Thank you to the dedicated team who produce it and all of the artists who contribute. A reminder to stay in touch with nature and take a moment to breathe. What a wonderful diary. Get yours now, you won't regret it!

This is the only diary I've bought for many years, and will be the only diary I buy for many years to come, I love it. I keep all of them because they're too beautiful to throw away.

Thank you for such a beautiful product. I was totally immersed in it and it felt like a massive hug on a very long train journey!

Anything from the team at Earth Pathways Diary is always beautifully put together and full of exquisite, thought-provoking images. I am so looking forward to seeing this every day next year.

This item arrived very promptly. Well-packaged and beautifully crafted, I can tell that a lot of care was put into its production. It will be very meaningful to me, in the coming year. Beautiful color illustrations. Thank you.

What a gorgeous diary. The paper is great, the artwork, poetry and prose fascinating. I can't wait until next year, I've been dipping into it already 🙂 I'm very delighted.

I had been searching for a 2024 datebook. This is so unique and the artwork is beautiful. Words are inadequate to describe just how beautiful. The facts and information included are stunning.

Wonderful diary, perfect to live according to the natural rhythms of the sun, moon and earth. Beautifully illustrated with original arts and texts. Thanks!

Fabulous calendar as always... Beautiful illustrations and inspiring words... But I never look farther than the February page as I enjoy the surprise of turning the page on the actual month!

Always a pleasure to receive the new calendar set. Gorgeous, can't wait to see all they contain.

This is such a special diary, celebrating the small aspects of our connections with the earth as well as the big, important ones.

I'm so looking forward to receiving these items. Your diaries and calendars bring me joy and connection to the wheel of the year. I love receiving them each year. Thank you for the kindness shown with regards to my dilemma and the sensitivity with which you have responded and been able to help me. May I extend my heart felt gratitude and warmest wishes.

Love it! A super diary to keep track of when small things happen x a treat for myself. I love the extra reading on each page, making us more aware of what our whole purpose is in life.

I adore this Diary. Once you have owned one you will always want a new one every year. The texts and artwork collections are astoundingly beautiful. I cannot imagine starting my week without this Diary which helps me to reconnect back to earths pathways. Thank you for being there.

Excellent customer service. Went above and beyond. Thoroughly recommend the seller and the diary is perfect.

Beautiful diary, richly illustrated and documented, exactly what I was looking for to be in touch with the rhythms of the earth and the seasons. Too good to have the transits of the Moon as a sign. Many thanks for this treasure!

Always a delight to receive and to give; the wisdom and beauty in these pages are inspirational.

Fast delivery, packed perfect, fabulous diary, 5 Star service

Love this calendar - nurturing in so many ways. It feels as though it's made and sent with love!

Beautiful diary, so special and precious. Lovely artwork.

Wonderful diary, well packed & delivered promptly. Worth every penny.

Love this calendar. I have been ordering it for the past 5 years now. Helps me be more aligned with Earth and moon cycles.

Beautiful artwork, lovely verse, all the holidays and compact form. who could ask for more? My favourite planner - one I used for years - is no longer being published, and I was looking for another I could enjoy just as much. Now I've found it!

The writings and the art in the yearly diary always exceed my expectations. I live in the US and I have to pay extra shipping, but, it is SO worth it. I save every diary and re-read them when I need to feel a connection to others who care about the land, and when I just need to connect to her.

Love Earth Pathways items. They are all beautifully crafted and full of wisdom.

This diary arrived very quickly. It is absolutely exquisite, a perfect gift.

Love this diary. Good quality, matched the description and met my expectations.

This is a very high quality planner with beautiful artwork. I can use my extra fine and fine nib fountain pens with less wet inks and it's fine. There's so much information in it, it reads like a book or almanac.

Love the wonderful artwork and beautiful inspiring poems in calendar and diary Thank you so much.

Another beautiful Earth Pathways diary! Love having these for my year. Absolutely beautiful calendar! Look forward to hanging it up. Thankyou.

Absolutely beautiful calendar, I can't wait to hang it on the wall and enjoy the gorgeous artwork all next year <3

Beautiful art, great quality, I love my new wall calendar!

Very beautifully produced hard cover journal, including several excellent sketches of trees, together with information about each tree. The quality of this journal is outstanding, and I am more than happy to recommend it to anyone contemplating a purchase.