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Our awesome cover this year

Our cover art this year is by Sheffield- based artist Cath Dunn

We love the colourful, dramatic beauty of ‘Wind, Higgar Tor’. There’s a powerful primal energy and movement in her painting which captures perfectly the blustery, wild nature of the Peak District outcrops and edges. You can almost hear the roaring of the wind - feel its sharp cold whip across your face - as you stand, transfixed, beneath a swirling sky.

Here’s what Cath Dunn has to say about her painting:

In this painting ’Wind, Higgar Tor’, the use of colour represents the joy I feel when Higgar Tor comes into sight. The patterns in the paint capture the strength of the pull towards its summit and the rhythms of the grasses and sky, although stylised, capture the wildness of the area and the elemental nature of the weather and the land.

Walking in the Peak District is special to me. I love the feeling of the wind in my hair and the rough terrain under my feet and, although difficult to believe, Higgar Tor lies just within the Sheffield City boundary. It is one of the 95 Ethels in the Peak District named after an early environmental campaigner Ethel Haythornthwaite.

For me, Higgar Tor symbolises the Dark Peak with its gritstone edges and ancient hillfort nearby, its mix of heather, rock and windswept grasses. The shape and cadences of the land have a strong magnetic effect, pulling me to climb up to the ridge and reach for the sky. These are all feelings I try to portray in my paintings.

You can see my paintings at the exhibitions and events listed on my webpage.

We create a personal diary, wall calendar and journal full of original artwork and writings inspired by environmentally-conscious creatives, thinkers and activists from the UK and beyond.

Our diaries, calendars and journals are works of love and beauty. They are a gateway to a more intimate relationship with the land. You can explore Moon cycles and phases, mark seasonal Earth festivals and build connections with a positive movement for change.

EARTH PATHWAYS is a small green co-operative. We are passionate about Earth-care, fair-share and a more sustainable, equitable future for all. We advocate unashamedly on behalf of the Earth.

We have a not-for-profit ethos. Each year we give away funds to support Earth-centred
community projects and tree planting - because it matters.

We began in 2007 and have not missed a year since then. We're still in love with what we do, still intent on making a difference in the world, and we hope you will join us. When you buy our diaries, calendars, and journals you're supporting our collective vision to promote a deeper relationship with the natural world. Together we are seeding a revolution of the heart and a shift in consciousness.

Earth Pathways Tree Journal & Earth Pathways Mandala Journal

Displaying all the signature beauty and heartfelt inspiration you've come to expect from Earth Pathways, our eco-friendly journals provide the perfect space to capture your important moments, hopeful dreams and discovered wisdom.

Earth Pathways Showcase

We hugely value and appreciate the work sent to us for inclusion into our diaries and one of our aims is to support the promotion of our contributors' work.

We provide a contributors' showcase and directory space on our Showcase website for successful contributors to put 5 additional pieces of work for each year they are included, plus a profile with biographical and/or contextual information about themselves and any relevant contact details.

Take a look at some of the fantastic artwork and writing that we have published over the years!

Browse back through all the writing and artwork from previous years, with separate sections to view astrology writing, and wheel of the year festival writing and artwork.

Each contributor also has their own space, which you can find alphabetically in the Contributor's A-Z

We also offer an abridged version of this information in our 40 word contributor profile in the 'A-Z of contributors' at the back of each diary.

If you're a contributor and you want to send us your extra work for this showcase space, please get in touch!

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