The Big Reveal... Here is the 2021 Earth Pathways cover!

We think that it is truly a beautiful piece of work and there was no hesitation from the whole team that this was the one we all wanted to see on the cover. It evokes a rallying cry asking us to tune in to the heart of the Earth and of ourselves; to connect and move to the same beat; to be in rhythm with Life. We love the bigger picture of the planets, the wider cosmos, and love the inclusion of all the elements of life around the outside of the central image. It also has the feel of being driven by the feminine and this too is something dear to our hearts.'

Many of you will know Sue Wookey’s work from previous diaries. She lives in the Chilterns and is constantly inspired by nature, symbols, dreams and the beautiful mystery surrounding us. Her paintings reflect inner journeys and are painted with the hope that others will gain their own inspiration from them. Visit her at and be prepared to be bowled over!

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