The Big Reveal... Here is the 2020 Earth Pathways cover...

Drum roll, clarion-call, and deep breath in readiness for the ooohs and aaahs of delight that will follow …..

We are very proud and excited to reveal our 2020 cover image!! Ta da!!

Fabulous artist Anne Thomas is responsible for this exquisite image named 'Spiral of Life'. She is an Earth Pathways Diary regular contributor and we are so honoured to feature her work on the fronts of our products next year.

To quote from her website 'Anne is both Mother and Grandmother. Her artwork reflects something of the deep primal connection with 'The Source' that witnessing new life can bring. Knowing Love, being part of the driving fertility of Planet Earth; the miracle of existence, the vivid colour, vitality, recycling and regeneration - and behind it all, within the centre of things, a stillness and belonging. She often includes species of wildlife native to the UK in her designs, celebrating the lives of these blessed beings, calling us to notice, respect and learn from them'. How perfect!

2020 Diary & Calendar

The 2020 Earth Pathways diary and calendar are now available for purchase.

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I couldn't live without my Earth Pathways Diary - it goes everywhere with me and is a trusted companion. - A. E. via email

What a joy to receive your e-newsletter! It's full of such useful information and news and it's the only newsletter that I take the time to read from start to finish. I LOVE it!! - Anne F via email

I also wanted to say thank you to you for the impact you have had on my life, I bought the first Earth Pathways Diary and my life has never been the same since! I remembered how passionate I was about wildlife and ecosystems when I was young and have since rekindled that passion. Thank you for being the kindle. - N.S. via email

Thank you so much for helping me out when I was puzzled about the contributing process. I was so proud of myself for having sent something in at last. Fingers crossed that my work might be selected for 2020. (anon.)

Thank you for our wonderful plum tree and your help with planting it. The children will benefit from seeing the cycle from blossom to fruit and we're pretty sure they will enjoy eating the plums too!! Come and help yourself to plums ... *if* there are any left! - from the teachers and children of Rainbow Class at Stroud Valley Community School

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