The tale of Jaine, Maude and the orange jumper

This is me. Jaine Rose. Sometimes a bit lost in sea fog. This is Maud. My campervan. She is a superstar who always knows where she is going. Maud and I met just south of Bristol in late winter of this year. ‘I’m your girl’ she whispered to me, and from that moment on, we…

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Earth Pathways 2017 AGM

Because the Earth Pathways clan are dispersed across the country; from Derbyshire to Gloucestershire and all the way up to Tyne and Wear, (and, in the case of Jaine, wherever her whim and trusty camper van may take her)…. the times we are all together are rare and always a time for celebration! So, when…

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February Murmurations

“Life loves itself, grows out of nothing, into more and more flowering. Like spring’s rise (sap in the trees and the birds dancing in the open skies), like the bird’s wing opening, from the beating heart…” Those beautiful, hopeful words by Bryony Rogers, on page 24 of the 2017  Earth Pathways Diary, are on display…

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