Earth Pathways 2022 on sale now!


Introducing the stunning front cover of the 2022 Earth Pathways Diary and Wall Calendar . Titled ‘Sunlit Dream’, the artwork is by Debbie Crooks.

We love the flowing style, the magical changing light and colours. These beautiful birch trees are a powerful symbol of rebirth and new beginnings and much welcome in challenging and uncertain times. The uplifting image calls to us ... to follow the pathway through the trees towards the bright heart of a new day.

Hopeful, heart-led and celebratory, our 2022 editions not only look good on the outside, they will make you feel good inside too!

Welcome to Earth Pathways...

We create a personal diary, wall calendar and journal full of original artwork and writings inspired by environmentally-conscious creatives, thinkers and activists from the UK and beyond.

Our diaries, calendars and journals are works of love and beauty. They are a gateway to a more intimate relationship with the land. You can explore moon cycles and phases, mark seasonal earth festivals and build connections with a positive movement for change.

EARTH PATHWAYS is a small green co-operative. We are passionate about earth-care, fair-share and a more sustainable, equitable future for all. We advocate unashamedly on behalf of the Earth.

We have a not-for-profit ethos. Each year we giveaway funds to support earth-centred
community projects and tree planting – because it matters.

We began in 2007 and thirteen years on our success continues. We’re still in love with what we do, still intent on making a difference in the world and we hope you will join us. When you buy our diaries and calendars you’re supporting our collective vision to promote a deeper relationship with the natural world. Together we are seeding a revolution of the heart.

The Earth Pathways Mandala Journal

Whether it’s for reflection and self-awareness or simply the enjoyment of beautiful words and art, our new Mandala Journal is sure to bring inspiration and pleasure to your journalling experience.


With seven full-colour mandalas by Anne Thomas and the heart-touching words of Bryony Rogers, the Earth Pathways Mandala Journal is the second in our series of earth-conscious journals and makes a lovely gift to yourself or a friend.

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