Victoria Parsons in her own words: artist and art teacher fostering a deeper connection to the natural world

Victoria Parsons says...

My life and inspiration as an artist began as a small child when my father took me on nature walks in the woods that surrounded our home in rural Warwickshire. He would teach me the names of wild flowers and trees, insects, butterflies, and birds along with which snakes to keep away from!!

 He would show me how to look for animal tracks which I found to be much easier during the winter when it was muddy and clear of foliage and even easier after a snowfall. At dusk on Sundays we went badger watching. Having worked out which way the wind was blowing we would sit with our backs against the big oaks that edged the wood and led into park land. I was always so excited and watched in wonder as they played and squabbled with each other, it was hard not to laugh out loud!!

My mother encouraged me to draw and paint what I had seen, mostly from memory of course. As I grew older it was more interesting and fulfilling to draw from life. Not the done thing now of course, but I would pick wildflowers and leaves, take them home with me, draw them and press them and stick them into a scrapbook. On my own solitary wanderings I had a few selected trees that I would climb. I would crawl along the heavier boughs, lay still and quiet and watch for rabbits, deer and anything else that might pass along the way. I shared the trees with the birds who used to come and perch on the branches. I always had a crumbled biscuit or a crust in my pocket from a snack my mum had given me. I think they knew this and were quite happy to sit near me. Such wonderful memories and connection. 

In my own work now I use watercolours and graphite drawing pencils. I find that combining these mediums together allows me to use both my painting skills and my drawing skills to achieve depth and fine detail in my subjects. It also allows me to work in very loose layers and blends of colours during my on-site sketching trips.

I now live in a village on the Warwickshire Northamptonshire border. I have a husband, two children and six grandchildren. When I am not painting, I can be found in my garden which I keep as natural as possible apart from my flower planters in the summer. My garden is home to hedgehogs, frogs, a small amount of newts and numerous wild birds. At the last count there were 16 different varieties which is a wonderful reference for my paintings.

As well as my love for woods, forests and fields, I also am passionate about the mountains and visit the Isle of Skye regularly. The isolation, peace and solitude show me there is a sense of balance and harmony in these wild spaces and conveys the sheer power and majesty of the natural world.

From my early childhood walks and expeditions, I found a profound sense of connection to all around me and a feeling of being part of something larger than myself. The sense of connection to the land and its rich tapestry of life not only brings me inspiration for my own paintings but is also a calling to share the beauty of nature with others.

As an artist and art teacher I am privileged to guide adults on a journey of discovery, helping them to unlock their creativity while fostering a deeper connection to the natural world. I have worked with all different mediums over the years but find that watercolours are the most sensitive for my paintings. They react to the lightest touch of a paintbrush and have the unique qualities of transparency and layering of colour that produce dreamy blends of pigments with the added benefit of using colour in a stronger way for definition. All of this allows for a luminous and ethereal quality in a painting. It is a very versatile medium that can create many styles and expressive works.

18 months ago I was blessed and very grateful to have been chosen by the Latvian company Deep Deep Light watercolours to become an ambassador for their stunning watercolours. They have developed wonderful natural colours that are mulled by hand, no machinery used, as the containers are filled and wrapped by hand, and then posted to their new homes all over the world. Carbon footprint therefore is very low.

I am truly honoured that my work has been chosen by Earth Pathways over the last four years, and shown alongside such amazing and creative artists and writers. These beautiful  Diaries and Calendars symbolise everything I have ever thought and felt throughout my life. It is a privilege to help in a very small way to make a difference in this world through this inspirational and beautiful publication.

I have had several one-woman exhibitions over the years, as well as exhibiting with wildlife organisations such as The WildLife Art Society International (TWASI) where I still show, The Association of Animal Artists, Natural World Art Group, United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society, (UKCPS) and Marwell International Wildlife Art Society.

I exhibit every summer with a group of artists, potters and textile artists for the  Warwickshire Open Studios Summer Exhibition in Dunchurch Rugby.

I run weekly drawing and painting classes and courses locally, as well as doing demonstrations and workshops for art groups and societies around the country. To see more and follow along you can find me on instagram @vickimoonwolf and find more detailed information on my website.


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